Tuesday, 1 August 2017


I had plans to have lunch with a friend of mine yesterday afternoon.
It was organized so that I could attend an appointment earlier in the day and then meet up with her a little while afterwards.
I was going to have just over an hour of free time between the two so I was thinking about what I wanted to do.
Walking around and getting hot and bothered was not something I was remotely interested in doing.
- beetroot, shiny face anyone? xD
So I had a think.
I headed to a WHSmith's and bought a small notepad and a pen, headed to a costa, got a cold drink and then just sat alone at a table for two.

Lately I have been really working hard regarding my mental health. I'm doing everything I can to better understand myself and 'get better'.
Throughout last year, I was having these 'epiphanies' which opened the door to so many different issues/questions/problems I was having, past and present.
I found that by talking aloud I was hearing it in a whole other way which provided me with a new perspective.
It wasn't that someone was telling me a different way of looking at it, I was doing it for myself.
Lately a similar thing has been happening.
It started with me watching Tony Robbins on YouTube and now I can't seem to stop...
This combined with other factors, I feel as though I am learning about myself on a much deeper level than ever before.
And my epiphanies are back.
I had a thought the other day but was unable to find the time to really think it through, so yesterday I did exactly that.
With my hour to spare, I sat with my fruity beverage, pen and paper and went to town.
Writing things out really helps me to think more clearly.
I would switch between writing and being thoughtful while people watching.

Who am I?!
If you had told me a year, no, 4 weeks ago, that I would be working on a project so intensely that it filled my free time and provided me with personal growth, understanding and self care I would have laughed SO hard! If you had then said that the project is 'Me', I would have fallen off my chair, felt embarrassed, changed the subject and d e f i n i t e l y  1,000,000% not believed you.

Yesterday I chose to find the time in, what to me was an already busy day, to sit and work on myself. To be patient and accepting of my findings.
And oh boy how amazing it felt.

Here's to many, many more days like this

Oh! And happy August 1st to you!
- seriously? it's august already?? xD
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