Tuesday, 25 July 2017

I Heart Makeup Unicorns Dream Brush Set | Review

The hunt was on when I managed to bag these bad boys a couple of months ago 😃
I was so pleased to get my hands on them
- literally super duper excited can you tell?!
As I have been using them for a while, I thought it would be a perfect time for a review :)
I went to the nearest store to me that had them in stock to pick them up. My heart raced as I approached them... My hands felt excited and nervous all at the same time... I finally held them whilst gazing lovingly at them... I made the purchase and nearly squealed with joy!! :D
- but seriously, i was SO happy xD
I gave them all a wash before using them - am I the only one who does this? - dried them over night and was so looking forward to giving them a test drive.
In the set you get a large 'powder' brush, a face contour brush, an eye blending brush, a flat eye shader and finally, an angled eye brush.
I must speak of the wonderful design on the brushes themselves.
The brush hair is multicoloured which is like nothing I already own. It's synthetic and very, very soft 
The ferrel's have I Heart Makeup on each of them. They also have a colour gradient effect of pink and blue which is lovely.
And lastly, the handles! 😍 holy guacamole! SO beautiful. The have a pretty effect to them too which just brings the whole thing together.

First up we have the large powder brush and the face contour brush.
I have been using the large brush for blush
- did she just say that??
I did :D I find that because of it's size and flexibility, it applies and then blends the blush out beautifully! Honestly, it's made application of powder blush a walk in the park for me :)
Now for the contour brush. Heavenly.
I have one or two brushes that I thought were similar to this. They're not. I don't know what magic is behind this but I feel that my contour has never gone on so well!
I think that because it is firm but fluffy it can apply the product right where I want it and then blend it out with so much ease it's unreal 😱 A-mazed.

Let's move on to the eye brushes shall we...
I started out using the blending brush through the crease and wasn't fully sold. It's rounder and slightly firmer than a MAC 217 so I then decided to use it with my transition shade and oh. my. goodness. it worked perfectly. It's small enough and fluffy enough to fit between my crease work and brow bone to blend the colour  b e a u t i f u l l y.

Using the shader brush for my lid colour was great! It's wider and thicker than a MAC 239 (which is my usual go to) but that didn't effect my application of product. I feel as though this would be a great brush for those days where I just want to whack a shade all over the lid and be finished :)

Finally we have the angled brush. I have quite a few of these in my collection and I feel as though 'if you've seen one, you've seen 'em all'. Saying that, this one is very thin and I think if you're the kinda person who uses an angled brush for winged liner, this would work for you. I used it for liner on my upper lash line and it worked great!
All in all I think these brushes are wonderful and well worth picking up. They cover a lot of bases of the getting glam process :D
I have washed and used them at least 3 times and there has been no shedding, no leaking of colour and no loss of softness or shape.
I purchased mine for £20 at a Boots store near to me, you can also buy them from the Boots website.
They are now available to buy from the TamBeauty website for £14.99...
Go on, treat yourself ;)

I hope this review was helpful to you, I love writing about products I've fallen head over heels for and these certainly fit that description :)
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