Friday, 16 June 2017

The Breakup | Part Two

Some months ago I wrote about a breakup that I was going through... With myself.
Learning that I was the source of a lot of my pain, heartache and depression was a pretty tough realization to come to.
The only course of action I felt I could take was to end that toxic relationship and move forwards.

Since then that old flame of mine has been doing everything possible to worm it's way back into my life.
To be honest, I have slipped. A lot.
And then I wake up the next morning filled with regret and needing to break it off all over again.
Why would I go back to something that treats me so badly, manipulates me and causes me such unbelievable suffering?
I think going back to what was once the norm feels so comforting even when it causes you pain.

I think in real life it can be really difficult to tear yourself away from someone or something that has been in your life for a very long time, even if it isn't good for you.
This for me is no different.
This is how I have been treating myself for such a long time that it has been second nature but that doesn't mean I am allowing it to continue.

When that old part of me tries to win it's way back into my life it's getting a solid NO.
I am not going to have any more of those mornings being mad at myself for going back to the same old same old resulting in the further deterioration of my mental, emotional and physical health.
I am putting myself first. I've said it in the past and meant it but something has awoken within me which is no longer happy to settle or treat myself with such little consideration and care.
This is my fresh start and I have never felt so happy and excited 😭😊
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