Wednesday, 21 June 2017

My Top 5 Eye Brushes

I was laying in bed the other night trying to think of what I'd like to film/blog about next.
- I have a legit fear of creativity block
I happened to look over at my dressing table and all of my glorious brushes upon it and then I thought it would be a great idea to share with everyone what my fave brushes are.
I figured I'd start with eye brushes as they are my thang :D
It was difficult to keep it at 5 😄
I really think that it's an ideal topic for me to discuss as I've had each of these brushes (except one) for years... Yep, YEARS.
I feel showing my brushes condition after 3-5 years would be a perfect representation of the brush itself.
So enough waffling
- can't promise anything
and let's get started :)

Starting with the MAC 239 Shader brush
MAC 239 Shader Brush £21 *link*
I have five of these... Yes five!! I loved the 239 so much that I decided to pick some up so that I always had one clean :D
- logic
I have had these in my collection since 2011/2012 so they're getting on now but! are just as good as the day I bought them :)
It was definitely money well spent as they have kept their shape, no shedding and continue to apply my lid colours beautifully.
I use these to foil eyeshadows with MAC Fix+ too and I just adore them :)

Next up is a brush I recently raved about...
Available to purchase from Primark
I didn't know I needed this brush in my life until it came into my life.
I was in a state of wonder as to how I had been doing my eye makeup for so long without it in my collection!
- so naturally, I now have 3 of these
This brush only costs £1 which still almost floors me as it is so amazing.
I love the rose gold ferrel, the shape of it is perfect for crease/transition work and it's synthetic :)
Here is the *link* to my recent post  o b s e s s i n g  over this brush in particular :D

Moving on to a brush from Hakuhodo...
Hakuhodo J5522 $20 *link*
I picked up this brush at IMATS as I had heard great things about this brand and oh boy did it live up to my expectations!
I purchased a number of brushes but this one in particular makes crease/transition work and piece of cake!
- mmmm cake
It is a very very very close second to the Primark brush but trust me, it's not an easy choice which is why it is included in my top 5.
I honestly don't understand why this brand and their brushes aren't spoken about more.
As I said with the MAC 239, I have had this brush for 3-4 years and no shedding, has kept it's shape and is just a great brush! :)

My fourth brush is one from Real Techniques...
Real Techniques Starter Set £22.99 *link* (Boots)
This one came as part of the first eye set from Real Techniques and I use it for smudging out liner.
Appologies that it is 'dirty' but it just proves that 1) I use it all the time and 2) I'm lazy and haven't washed it yet
- probably more the second one ;)
I know it's an eye shader brush but for me it's just perfect for blending out liner on the upper lash line.
It makes it so quick and easy. I used to use a pencil brush but ever since trying this out I'm hooked.
Again, I've had this one for years and it's as good as it's ever been :)

Lastly, it's another brush from Hakuhodo...
- See? I told you it's a great brand ;)
Hakuhodo J5529 $17 *link*
I had to include this brush. I picked this one up from one of the IMATS I attended and have found that I use it for applying eyeshadow to the lower lash line.
I say lash line but I like to have my shadow to go really low under the eye so I find using this brush is ideal.
A while back I was using a MAC pencil brush (pictured above) which worked great for applying shadow quite close to the lower lash line but I have since starting wearing eyeshadow much lower and that's where this brush came in.
It's quite small compared to a MAC 217 but can also blend out shades beautifully. This one is years old now and just like the others, isn't showing it's age at all :D

So those are my top 5 eye brushes that I could not live without.
I feel as though by having these brushes I am set 4eva 
- I'm sure that won't stop me buying brushes in the future *eye roll* lolz

I hope you found this post interesting, here is the *link* to my video on this if you'd like to see these brushes in a moving picture :)

Thank you so much for stopping by
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