Friday, 9 June 2017

Becoming More Consistent

I have been reminiscing lately and asking myself when was the last time I felt truly happy.
Happy with everything, happy with life.
I thought back to 2014.
While throughout the year of 2014 my life seemed to kind of unravel and end on a pretty dark note, the beginning of the year was pretty phenomenal.
January to June was great.
I had been at a job that I was enjoying for about a month, getting on well with my colleagues.
My relationship was in quite a healthy place and was feeling rather fresh as I had a bit of independence since starting my new job and moving back home.
I was fitting in time to blog and make YouTube videos which felt amazing.

I'm not going to go into what happened with the relationship, the job etc. this post is about the positive place I felt I was in at that time.

I think looking back, I seemed to have it together.
One of the things that I was happiest about was the fact that I was making time for blogging and YouTubing.
I had taken an unexpected 6 month break which was then ended in the February and from that point I felt kinda unstoppable with regards to my uploads and blog posts.
I was rendering and uploading my videos overnight to be able to be working/being a girlfriend/being a sister & daughter etc./having chill time and it felt
a m a z i n g.

I wasn't particularly buying make up, mainly creating content with products I already had and talking about my mental health journey.
I think I felt like I had found my place with Nicky'sBeautyQuest.
I was happy with the effort I was making and I was in a comfortable place.

In June I created a plan for the month.
This was the first time I had ever thought about planning out my video's and posts and sticking to a schedule.
It was at this time that a lot of change came my way and I wasn't able to carry out my 'plan'.
I've looked back on it in the years that have followed and it makes me feel a little sad.
I wonder what I possibly could have achieved if I had adopted that type of system and what would Nicky'sBeautyQuest be like now?

Rather than feel sad and think negatively about it, I have decided that there's nothing stopping me from doing that now.
Right at this moment I filmed a video yesterday – and thoroughly enjoyed it!, have some posts rumbling around in my head, have tidied up my make up collection... I could go on but my point is, I'm moving forward and my blogging and Youtubing is coming with me :)

I feel like ever since starting my blog and channel I've never given it a proper 'go'.
In early 2014 I think I got a glimpse at what that could be like, I love what I saw ♡

I am currently working on myself, my life, my mental health and Nicky'sBeautyQuest is a part of me so of course that's getting some love too :)
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