Wednesday, 21 June 2017

My Top 5 Eye Brushes

I was laying in bed the other night trying to think of what I'd like to film/blog about next.
- I have a legit fear of creativity block
I happened to look over at my dressing table and all of my glorious brushes upon it and then I thought it would be a great idea to share with everyone what my fave brushes are.
I figured I'd start with eye brushes as they are my thang :D
It was difficult to keep it at 5 😄
I really think that it's an ideal topic for me to discuss as I've had each of these brushes (except one) for years... Yep, YEARS.
I feel showing my brushes condition after 3-5 years would be a perfect representation of the brush itself.
So enough waffling
- can't promise anything
and let's get started :)

Starting with the MAC 239 Shader brush
MAC 239 Shader Brush £21 *link*
I have five of these... Yes five!! I loved the 239 so much that I decided to pick some up so that I always had one clean :D
- logic
I have had these in my collection since 2011/2012 so they're getting on now but! are just as good as the day I bought them :)
It was definitely money well spent as they have kept their shape, no shedding and continue to apply my lid colours beautifully.
I use these to foil eyeshadows with MAC Fix+ too and I just adore them :)

Next up is a brush I recently raved about...
Available to purchase from Primark
I didn't know I needed this brush in my life until it came into my life.
I was in a state of wonder as to how I had been doing my eye makeup for so long without it in my collection!
- so naturally, I now have 3 of these
This brush only costs £1 which still almost floors me as it is so amazing.
I love the rose gold ferrel, the shape of it is perfect for crease/transition work and it's synthetic :)
Here is the *link* to my recent post  o b s e s s i n g  over this brush in particular :D

Moving on to a brush from Hakuhodo...
Hakuhodo J5522 $20 *link*
I picked up this brush at IMATS as I had heard great things about this brand and oh boy did it live up to my expectations!
I purchased a number of brushes but this one in particular makes crease/transition work and piece of cake!
- mmmm cake
It is a very very very close second to the Primark brush but trust me, it's not an easy choice which is why it is included in my top 5.
I honestly don't understand why this brand and their brushes aren't spoken about more.
As I said with the MAC 239, I have had this brush for 3-4 years and no shedding, has kept it's shape and is just a great brush! :)

My fourth brush is one from Real Techniques...
Real Techniques Starter Set £22.99 *link* (Boots)
This one came as part of the first eye set from Real Techniques and I use it for smudging out liner.
Appologies that it is 'dirty' but it just proves that 1) I use it all the time and 2) I'm lazy and haven't washed it yet
- probably more the second one ;)
I know it's an eye shader brush but for me it's just perfect for blending out liner on the upper lash line.
It makes it so quick and easy. I used to use a pencil brush but ever since trying this out I'm hooked.
Again, I've had this one for years and it's as good as it's ever been :)

Lastly, it's another brush from Hakuhodo...
- See? I told you it's a great brand ;)
Hakuhodo J5529 $17 *link*
I had to include this brush. I picked this one up from one of the IMATS I attended and have found that I use it for applying eyeshadow to the lower lash line.
I say lash line but I like to have my shadow to go really low under the eye so I find using this brush is ideal.
A while back I was using a MAC pencil brush (pictured above) which worked great for applying shadow quite close to the lower lash line but I have since starting wearing eyeshadow much lower and that's where this brush came in.
It's quite small compared to a MAC 217 but can also blend out shades beautifully. This one is years old now and just like the others, isn't showing it's age at all :D

So those are my top 5 eye brushes that I could not live without.
I feel as though by having these brushes I am set 4eva 
- I'm sure that won't stop me buying brushes in the future *eye roll* lolz

I hope you found this post interesting, here is the *link* to my video on this if you'd like to see these brushes in a moving picture :)

Thank you so much for stopping by
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Friday, 16 June 2017

The Breakup | Part Two

Some months ago I wrote about a breakup that I was going through... With myself.
Learning that I was the source of a lot of my pain, heartache and depression was a pretty tough realization to come to.
The only course of action I felt I could take was to end that toxic relationship and move forwards.

Since then that old flame of mine has been doing everything possible to worm it's way back into my life.
To be honest, I have slipped. A lot.
And then I wake up the next morning filled with regret and needing to break it off all over again.
Why would I go back to something that treats me so badly, manipulates me and causes me such unbelievable suffering?
I think going back to what was once the norm feels so comforting even when it causes you pain.

I think in real life it can be really difficult to tear yourself away from someone or something that has been in your life for a very long time, even if it isn't good for you.
This for me is no different.
This is how I have been treating myself for such a long time that it has been second nature but that doesn't mean I am allowing it to continue.

When that old part of me tries to win it's way back into my life it's getting a solid NO.
I am not going to have any more of those mornings being mad at myself for going back to the same old same old resulting in the further deterioration of my mental, emotional and physical health.
I am putting myself first. I've said it in the past and meant it but something has awoken within me which is no longer happy to settle or treat myself with such little consideration and care.
This is my fresh start and I have never felt so happy and excited 😭😊
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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Makeup Revolution and I Heart Makeup Haul

A couple of weeks ago I decided to treat myself to some Makeup Revolution and I Heart Makeup goodies :)
did I need any more palettes? no. did I need any more brushes? also, no but here we are :D

I placed an order online and picked up 4 palettes starting with one of the brand new amplified 35 palettes.
Makeup Revolution Pro HD Palette Shimmer Amplified 35 - Direction *link* £15
My heart sped up when I saw these new palettes as they reminded me of the Morphe palettes, which are a cult product.
The amplified palettes won't set you back as much in the bank which is always wonderful.
Out of the 7 palette's I was drawn to this one straight away, warm tones are my thang 👍😁
I have given a few a swatch and good grief I am impressed. Cannot wait to whack these on my eyes 😍

Over the years I have picked up every I Heart Makeup chocolate bar palette as quickly as humanly possible when they are released. However, when the Pink Fizz palette was released, the Salted Caramel palette came out around the same time and I had a very difficult choice to make.
I chose the Salted Caramel palette and vowed one day to pick up Pink Fizz...
That day has come
I Heart Makeup I ♡ Pink Fizz Palette *link* £7.99
I chose to wait for this one as it has some cooler tones in it which aren't always my go to but look how pretty ♡
I'm so happy that I picked this one up and I now have all of the chocolate bar palettes
*waits for news for brand new palette* :D

Next up was a palette that I had seen on YouTube and was drawn to for a few specific shades and also can I just say,
that rose gold packaging is e v e r y t h i n g...
Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Eyeshadow Palette Flawless 3 Resurrection *link* £8
Can we just talk about the middle shades on the bottom row?! 
SO beautiful. I'm not one for doing my makeup to match the season we're in so although I guess these shades in particular are 'autumnal' I'll be wearing these bad boys all year round 😎
I have all the other Flawless palettes - see? I didn't need any more palettes :D - and really like them all so I feel pretty confident that this one won't disappoint :)

The last palette I got my greedy mitts on was the I Heart Makeup Unicorn Love palette.
I absolutely adore the fuzzy, glittery packaging, it definitely stands out in my collection.
I have no restraint when I see something this beautiful...
I Heart Makeup Unicorn Love Palette *link* £7.99
I mean. Seriously?! 
I really can't handle all these shadows. I honestly feel like I'm undeserving of such gloriousness 😭
The orangey/golden shades are screaming my name but surprisingly, that blue tho :O
Gorgeous <3

The last item I have in this haul is the new limited edition I Heart Makeup Unicorns Dream brush set.
These are the first brushes I have bought from I Heart Makeup (I don't own any from Makeup Revolution yet either :/) and after seeing them online perhaps you can see why I amended my lack of brushes from this brand...
I Heart Makeup Unicorns Dream Brushes *link* £20
Honestly the prettiest brushes I own.
I umm'd and ahh'd about picking these up because, you know, I don't need any more brushes but I of course caved xD
These are exclusive to Boots, you can order them online and possibly pick them up in store. You can check online for stock of your local store which is exactly what I did :D
When I picked these up I was so happy/excited/elated/best day of my life eva 🙌

So that wraps up my haul and I'm so pleased with everything I picked up :)
Here is a *LINK* to my video version of this if you'd like to see these products in action 😊

What are your recent buys from Makeup Revolution and I Heart Makeup?
Thank you for stopping by :)
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Friday, 9 June 2017

Becoming More Consistent

I have been reminiscing lately and asking myself when was the last time I felt truly happy.
Happy with everything, happy with life.
I thought back to 2014.
While throughout the year of 2014 my life seemed to kind of unravel and end on a pretty dark note, the beginning of the year was pretty phenomenal.
January to June was great.
I had been at a job that I was enjoying for about a month, getting on well with my colleagues.
My relationship was in quite a healthy place and was feeling rather fresh as I had a bit of independence since starting my new job and moving back home.
I was fitting in time to blog and make YouTube videos which felt amazing.

I'm not going to go into what happened with the relationship, the job etc. this post is about the positive place I felt I was in at that time.

I think looking back, I seemed to have it together.
One of the things that I was happiest about was the fact that I was making time for blogging and YouTubing.
I had taken an unexpected 6 month break which was then ended in the February and from that point I felt kinda unstoppable with regards to my uploads and blog posts.
I was rendering and uploading my videos overnight to be able to be working/being a girlfriend/being a sister & daughter etc./having chill time and it felt
a m a z i n g.

I wasn't particularly buying make up, mainly creating content with products I already had and talking about my mental health journey.
I think I felt like I had found my place with Nicky'sBeautyQuest.
I was happy with the effort I was making and I was in a comfortable place.

In June I created a plan for the month.
This was the first time I had ever thought about planning out my video's and posts and sticking to a schedule.
It was at this time that a lot of change came my way and I wasn't able to carry out my 'plan'.
I've looked back on it in the years that have followed and it makes me feel a little sad.
I wonder what I possibly could have achieved if I had adopted that type of system and what would Nicky'sBeautyQuest be like now?

Rather than feel sad and think negatively about it, I have decided that there's nothing stopping me from doing that now.
Right at this moment I filmed a video yesterday – and thoroughly enjoyed it!, have some posts rumbling around in my head, have tidied up my make up collection... I could go on but my point is, I'm moving forward and my blogging and Youtubing is coming with me :)

I feel like ever since starting my blog and channel I've never given it a proper 'go'.
In early 2014 I think I got a glimpse at what that could be like, I love what I saw ♡

I am currently working on myself, my life, my mental health and Nicky'sBeautyQuest is a part of me so of course that's getting some love too :)
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